Prepare for Sage Timeslips 2016

Wise Sage Timeslips Consultant



As we mentioned in our article “Is it time to upgrade my software?“, a publisher can include anything from minor bug fixes to beneficial features and functionality in a new release.  Each version should be evaluated on its own merits, and so we need to do the same with Sage Timeslips 2016.

One of the important questions we would ask about Sage Timeslips 2016 is…

Does this release include a major new rebuild of any kind?  If the answer is yes, then a way to evaluate potential issues is to look at history.   How often has that kind of undertaking been successful on the first release?   We’ve all heard way too many horror stories where customers end up becoming guinea pigs, and unfortunately there do not seem to be enough out of the box successes.  It happens to the best of software companies.  We’ve seen it with Microsoft, Apple, Intuit and any number of major developers.  Applications, and the platforms they run on, have become so complicated and varied that they are bound to be challenged out of the gate.  And for a publisher to test all environments under which a new release will be subjected to is nearly impossible, let alone cost prohibitive.

So, as usual, over the summer, the new version of Sage Timeslips 2016 will be released.  It’s expected to  include an improvement that they have been planning for years.  To their credit though, Timeslips did postpone the date of this major launch.  It was originally to be released last year at this time.  They recognized it would not be ready to meet their standards and held off.  To that I said congratulations.

Considering that the Timeslips 2015 version has been on the market for almost a year now and it is reliable, is this upgrade right for your firm?

With over 20 years of experience supporting Sage Timeslips, my antenna is up on this one. I’m recommending that my clients be cautious here.  Especially if you are using an older version of Timeslips (2014 or earlier) and you have a Windows 7 computer or older, you could be in for an unexpected challenge.

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