Sage 50 (Peachtree)

Sage 50 Pro Premium Quantum

Sage 50 is a comprehensive accounting solution for small businesses that need extras such as Time and Billing and Job Costing to help them break down jobs into phases (i.e., construction), Fixed Assets and Audit Trails, to make sure you’re in control.  It has all the accounting features a small business needs such as: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Payroll, Job and Project Tracking, Account Reconciliation, Business Reporting, Invoicing, Check Writing, a comprehensive tutorial, context-sensitive help, and 75 sample companies to use as templates. Sage 50 also has powerful business analysis tools with the Manager Series, which includes the Financial Manager, the Collection Manager, the Payment Manager and the Cash Manager.  Sage 50 is also multi-user ready and can be purchased with a multi-user license for up to 40 users.  With all of the accounting basics and even more advanced analysis tools, Sage 50 helps you get the insight behind your numbers.

True Double-Entry Accounting

Sage 50 uses a double-entry accounting system, which is more accurate than other methods and is an industry best practice.   It help prevent you from making serious system errors.  You might be intimidated by this, if you’re not an accountant.  But, no need to worry.  Sage 50 has been servicing it’s customers since the mid 1980’s.  Over the years they have add several features that make it very easy to use.


Your business cannot afford to lose money because of accounting errors or fraud.  The Sage 50 Internal Accounting Review can find potential accounting errors with up to 15 different checks of data. It looks for common mistakes as well as suspicious transactions. Plus, with module- or screen-level security and audit trails, you can track who is entering data, editing existing entries, or accessing particular functions.

Customized Dashboards and Management Centers

With easy access to information, you can improve customer service, take action quickly, and better plan purchases and spending.  That’s the power of the Sage 50 informative dashboards and management centers.  Get high-level views of key business metrics and quickly drill down to the details.  Plus, each center is customizable, so you can view the most important information for your business.

Inventory Management

A true strength of Sage 50, its inventory management easily helps control costs and reduce errors.  Create and track inventory based on color, style, size, and more.  Reserve inventory requested on purchase and sales orders.  Even monitor inventory levels and automatically create a purchase order to replenish inventory.
You also can:
• Establish up to ten different price levels per item.
• Update prices by dollar amount or percentage.
• Choose from several different inventory costing methods including average, LIFO, FIFO, and specific-unit costing.
• Track warranty and repair information with serialized inventory.

Project Management

Sage 50 saves time by quickly giving you answers to job-related questions in the Job and Project Management Center.  In addition, the robust change order tracking system lets you see how job changes affect profitability by tracking estimated expenses and revenue down to phase and cost code.  You can also follow even the most complex jobs with Order Process Workflow.  This unique feature tracks the status of each step and lets you notify the next person in the process with a status and specific notes.

Accounting as You Grow

Whether you plan to add employees, expand your inventory, or diversify your business, Sage 50 offers a solution for every stage of your business with easy upgrades to more robust features and functionality.  Sage 50 Quantum Accounting provides a high-performance option for your growing business with support for up to 40 user.

Additional Services

Sage 50 integrates with a range of other services and third-party add-on solutions so you can accept credit cards, perform online back-ups, automate your payroll, perform advanced reporting with Sage Intelligence tools and more!