Tabs3 & PracticeMaster

Your All-in-One / Truly Integrated Solution…

For decades Software Technology, Inc. has been publishing award winning applications for professional service firms.  And unlike some of their competitors, they are truly modular, plug and play, integrated solutions.  Include in their sweet of products are Tabs3 Billing, PracticeMaster and the Financial Software, all working together seamlessly.

Reliable BillingTabs3 Billing

Designed for professional service firms, Tabs3 Billing is an award willing, reliable solution for entering your time and expenses, to getting your bills out quickly and for monitoring staff productivity.

Track TimeTime Tracking

Never miss billing for your valuable time.  Tracking your time and expenses could not be easier.  Use the timer and keep track as you go.  Even enter your time and expenses remotely from your phone or tablet using Tabs3 Connect (a Platinum version feature).

Bill your wayBilling Your Way

Using multiple billing rates…no worries.  With Tabs3 you have virtually an unlimited number of billing rates and flexibility.  You can create standard billing rates for each timekeeper or level of timekeeper (i.e., partner, associate, etc.), or custom rates for any timekeeper or client.  You can also bill using any number of different billing arrangements, such as flat fee, contingency, progress, retainer, or task based billing.  Then customize your client invoices to produce the exact look and content you want.

Bills out fastSend Your Bills out Faster

The billing process in Tabs3 is quick and easy.  You can automatically generate PDF versions of your clients invoices and print them directly to email.  Customize those emails, if you like, to include last payment dates, outstanding balances, as well as client notes, and other vital information.

Useful ReportsManagement Reports

Stay on top of your firms’ financial matters with the many insightful reports included with Tabs3.  Run a Recap of Hours report to find missing time.  The Top Client report ranks clients by productivity, work-in-process, amounts billed, collections, write-off and more.  The Timekeeper Productivity report gives you insight into your staffs’ billed time, effective billing rates and write-offs.  Run Accounts Receivable and collection reports to follow up on outstanding balances.  And with Tabs3, you have the option to export any of these reports to Microsoft Excel.

Advanced FormulasTrack Payment Allocations

Using the advanced features included with Tabs3 Billing, you can setup and keep track of compensation formulas, for up to three timekeepers per client matter or engagement, no matter how complex.

SecurityKeep Your Data Secure

Restrict access to your most sensitive data with the security features in Tabs3.  You decide which users can add, view and delete information at every level of functionality.


Take the organization of your client matters or engagements to another level.  Bring your events, emails, documents, billing information, research, notes, etc., all together, so you’ve got a complete picture.  Quickly access all the information you need to efficiently manage the matters at hand.