Sage Timeslips

Since 1985 Timeslips has been established not only as the leader in time billing software, but also as the standard by which other time billing products are measured. A powerful feature set is presented in a user-friendly interface, making Timeslips an incredibly capable product. You could say that Timeslips is the perfect solution for anyone whose time is their money and who can’t afford to waste either.

From its informative reports to easy-to-use menus, to innovative features found in no other product, Timeslips’ ultimate purpose is to make your business more profitable. One of the ways this is accomplished is by automating many of the processes that you now do manually. When those processes are given to Timeslips, your business becomes more efficient, your billings become more accurate, and more of your time becomes billable. Timeslips will quickly become one of the most important, and certainly one of the most underpaid, members of your firm.

With the 2016 version, Sage Timeslips Premium was born…Sage Timeslips Premium is the next generation of the award-winning billing, time and expense tracking solution.  It is built on the faster, more flexible, and modern SQL-like Firebird platform.  Sage Timeslips Premium offers benefits that were previously unavailable in the traditional Borland database solution.

These benefits include:
  • Unlimited database capacity
  • 5x faster bill generation
  • A more resilient database.  So corruption due to network transmission outages or latency is for the most part eliminated.

Sage Timeslips Premium is only available on an annual subscription basis. The price of subscription includes the latest version of our software, unlimited free product updates and unlimited free access to premium support. Customers may choose to pay the subscription fee upfront and will receive a generous discount, or may select to pay the full subscription fee in installments over 12 months.

Designed with your time in mind Sage Timeslips understands that as a services business, your time is your product.  They know that billing and cash flow are the life blood of your business. Sage Timeslips Premium not only makes it easier for you to track where time and money are spent, but we also make it easier for you to generate bills for your services.

Key feature improvements:

Billing Assistant

• Easier navigation through client records with the use of the multi-client view.
• Redesigned calculations layout makes it easier to understand billing totals.
• Simpler attachment management – displays all client and slip attachments, providing a preview image when available, and a file location and slip ID for tracking.

Slip Value Dialog redesign

• Improvements to the slip value dialog design allow you to more easily understand the details that influence slip values.

Better Network Control and Management

• Sage Timeslips now keeps track of all network-created database locations for easy access and navigation between multiple databases.
• Quick and easy access to uninstalling, installing and reconfiguring a database and application setup.

Key Benefits of Sage Timeslips Premium

1.  Get it all for one price -Your subscription includes software, unlimited product updates, and support.
2. Better performance – Sage Timeslips Premium is built on the more modern Firebird platform, providing benefits such as bill generation that is 5x faster.
3. Scales with you-Get limitless database size capacity and a limitless number of concurrent users in the database.
4. More stable and secure – SQL -like database is more resilient to corruption due to network transmission outages or latency.